Tour Groups

Are you travelling in a larger group? The Arkadenhuus and our Hotel Friedrich Freiherr von Schwarzenberg offer some real highlights. The stylish round tables in the group area give you the impression of a sworn community. Individual á la carte or buffet dishes will ensure your physical well-being. A visit to the Alte Drostei is a must. It is within walking distance and the oldest building in the city. History can be experienced here and today readings, exhibitions and group tours take place there. You can learn the tradition of axe throwing, enjoy traditional vespers, enjoy delicious cakes over a cup of coffee or attend an East Frisian tea ceremony. You can also bake bread and fill a picnic basket with delicacies as a group. Here you are welcome as a human being, not just as a consumer.

In the Hotel Friedrich Freiherr von Schwarzenberg there is an area with four rooms and a common spacious wellness area. The area has a large table and a communal kitchen, which can be used independently. The area is named Hafencity.

We are happy to plan your very own group visit with you and a carefree package in Papenburg. Give us a call or write us an e-mail.