The Marketplace & Express Area

Giovanni L.

The ice cream parlour “Giovanni L.” naturally also sells pistachio ice cream, which won first place at the SIGA ice cream and food fair. Many of the still used recipes were handed down orally to the ice cream maker and German-Italian Giovanni Lasagna by his grandfather. Let yourself be seduced by the ice cream varieties “black vanilla”, “rhubarb with quark” and “wild berries with candied walnuts”.


The Snackpoint invites with a regional and interesting assortment of food, drinks and merchandise.

>Grocery store

Take your pick from the variety of fresh food on the market square, combine it with pasta from the grocery store and give our chefs in the open kitchen the task of preparing everything according to your wishes. You will feel that our staff loves the challenge and passionately implements your idea.

Fireside lounge

The natural ambience creates special relaxation. Here you are separated from the rest of the hustle and bustle by birch trunks and can relax and enjoy the fireplace and puff a cigar from our Homidor. The magnificent sofa tempts you to lounge.

Seat library

If you like to read while eating, you can choose a copy from a selection of 3000 books in the “Sitzbibliothek” and then even take it home with you to finish it in peace.


Near the massive forged iron staircase on the market square you will find our tribute to our favourite café in Osnabrück. The furnishings are new and antique, modern and classic, playful and straightforward. The special: You can buy everything you see here and take it directly home with you.