Unsere Partner

In order for our project to be so unique in its design, the expertise of many individuals and companies was required. We are proud of the cooperation with these people and do not want to leave those involved unmentioned.

First there are the property owners in the city centre. These include the Holtermann butcher’s shop with snack bar, the Benz restaurant, the Abramshaus and the church forecourt owned by the Catholic Church. Without the possibilities of use and the acquisitions, this project could never have been realized.
With regard to the architecture of our house, Hans Hermann Wagner from Dörpen should be mentioned. His plans and ideas were decisive for the appearance and design. He managed to integrate our building harmoniously and self-confidently into the existing cityscape.

The executing companies were the general contractor Sievers from Werpeloh and the roofing company Schneider from Papenburg. The Nyenhuis office in Dörpen was responsible for the static planning. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems were planned by Töne Kossen from Neubörger.
The Zumsande office from Lehe was responsible for the sanitary planning and the Winveld fire protection office from Nordhorn also played its part in the success of our project.

The heating and ventilation work was carried out by Kuhr. The electrical work was carried out by Robin and the sanitary work by Meyerhoff and Natelberg.
First the company Gödicker from Haselünne and later the company Schlichter from Lathen were responsible for the entire dry construction. We purchased our historic clinker from the company Iking from Stadtlohn.

All aluminium work, including the production of the huge glass roof, was carried out by Lohse from Westoverledingen. The windows and the impressive hotel entrance door were made by the Holthaus joinery from Rhede/Brual. The interior doors were made by Wilkens from Heede and the matching door locking system was developed by Vincard from Finland.

The company Taute from Papenburg was responsible for the entire cooling area including the air conditioning of the rooms. The locksmith work was carried out by Stubbe from Rhede. They installed the striking staircase, the wrought iron parts of the open kitchen and the work of art of the floating suitcases.
The EDP-technical conversion took over the company Netcom from Papenburg. All flooring work was carried out by the company Kassens from Papenburg. The tile work was carried out by Dreier from Papenburg and Michels from Heede.
The painting work was carried out by Michaelsen from Rhauderfehn.
For the office area in the arcaded house and for the meeting rooms the company Albers from Papenburg took over the technical equipment.

The multimedia wall was created and installed by Palitec from Ihrhove. The building joint work was carried out by the company Bui from Werlte. The sandstone elements were lovingly worked into the building by Woizel from Ibbenbüren. They gave the building a very special touch.
The company Cordes from Steinbild carried out the heating work and the copper work, special thanks to Mr Abels.

The impressive fireplace was designed by the company Kaminwelten from Dörpen and, in cooperation with the company Poll from Dörpen, created a room that has established itself as a stylish meeting place during the winter months.
And what would a building be without its outdoor facilities and a church without a forecourt? The Kleinhaus company from Papenburg played a decisive role in ensuring that this investment was successfully implemented. The planning office Gernemann from Ibbenbüren also played a leading role in the design of the church forecourt. In this context the architectural office Janssen and especially Mr. Gerd Janssen Senior, who died during the construction work, must be mentioned.

A building without permission is inconceivable. We would like to address the city administration and also the chairmen of the building committee in this connection.

The team of the Arkadenhaus is particularly proud of its attachment to the Catholic Church. This closeness is inconceivable without Pastor Thörner, Mr Tegeder of the church council and the lawyer Dr Schierholt. We would like to thank them for the trust they have placed in us.

We are also particularly grateful for the consent from Osnabrück, Bishop Bode is to be mentioned here. Without his blessing the project and the redesign of the church forecourt could never have taken this positive course.
The interior designers Hinsche from Oldenburg and Wilkening from Hermannsburg developed the interior together with us. The company Hinsche with the heads Mr. Hoffmann, Mr. Röskamm, Mr. Ecinci and Mr. Blömer were decisively and tirelessly involved in the interior design and the development of our new gastronomic concept.
The Wilkening company developed the hotel furnishings with the design of the shower plates. Mr. Weidner perfectly staged the motifs in every room.

An important supplier is the ice cream supplier Giovanni L. from Kiel and Palma de Mallorca. His ice cream has had a decisive influence on the company concept from the very beginning.

Many thanks to all companies for their contribution to the success of our project.